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How to save the most when shopping from US online stores?
Use Shipzee! It is not a secret that price of most goods in the US are significantly lower than in Europe. Shipzee provides the cheapest brokerage services in applicable countries and maintains very low fees and shipping prices.
Shipzee will help you to buy anything while using one of two ways!
We will buy for you!
Pick a product and leave all the worries for the Shipzee team!
Unique shopping platform
In most shopping cases Shipzee platform will cover a portion of the final amount using a variety of cash recovery methods
Easy and comfortable ordering
The first and only ordering platform allows you to enjoy the buying process and purchase goods without any hassle
Final price offers
Before you make a payment, you will know the final amount due, including the price of the item, import, delivery and Shipzee fees
Shipment insurance
Shipzee will insure and safely deliver goods to your address throughout applicable countries
Fast delivery
When ordering Express delivery, your shipment will be delivered within 7-10 business days of its dispatch from the USA
Lowest taxes
Long-term experience provides the opportunity to offer the lowest mediation and shipping rates on the market
Sounds too good?
Join thousands of people using Shipzee every day and try it yourself.
How does it work?
Find a product in any US online store
Submit a link on webpage
Get a final price offer by email
Pay the offer sent by Shipzee
Wait for the goods at your address
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Order items from U.S. online stores

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Want to control the whole process yourself?
Buy by yourself!
Sign up and buy from US online stores yourself!
What will you need to do?
You will buy and send goods yourself to your personal US address
You will declare the content and value of the package on your customs declaration by yourself
You will be able to consolidate shipments and send them at your convenience
What will Shipzee take care of?
Shipzee will ensure safe storage and delivery of your shipments
Shipzee will offer the lowest forwarding prices on the market
Shipzee will help you manage your shipments: will provide content pictures and repack them (if necessary)
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Which service suits you best?
We will buy for you
We will provide the exact final price to your home door
We will save your time and do all the work for you
We will purchase goods from stores that do not ship to applicable countries
In most shopping cases we will cover part of the final amount using various money saving methods
Buy yourself
You will declare the content and value of the package
You can consolidate, repack and send your shipment at your convenience
You will be able to participate in auctions and shop in stores that do not send to applicable countries
You will take care of the purchasing process and be able to interact with sellers directly
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