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Shipzee is a unique intermediary platform that allows everyone who wants to shop in US online stores do it cheaper and easier.


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Individual Order

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Here you’ll find the best offers from the US, all carefully selected by our team.

All you have to do is choose!

  • The process is like shopping in an online store – easily browse the items, put the ones you like in the shopping cart and make a purchase right away!
  • Discover the most popular deals, beloved brands, as well as exclusive and unique items from the US, all sorted in one place.
  • The quantity and time of each deal is very limited, so grab them while they last!

Individual Order

Here you’ll easily purchase the items you have found in US online stores.

All you have to do is submit a price request!

  • The process is simple – browse through US online stores and, once you find an item you like, fill in the Shipzee price request.
  • Combine items of different categories from various US stores in one order.
  • In 2 hours on average, you'll get a follow-up to your request with the final price.
  • The price offer doesn't oblige you to pay, so don't hesitate to send us as many requests as you want!

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